How Do Hyperbaric Chambers Provide Relief to Asthmatics?


Portable hyperbaric chambers (portable Hyperbaric Chambers) are ideal for emergency treatment of various types of severe ailments. The chamber is designed as light-weight medical equipment to be used for urgent treatment of severely sick patients of various types of illnesses in intensive care units (ICU). The chambers help to preserve the normal body chemistry of critically ill patients in a controlled environment at various altitudes up to 1500 meters above sea level. They are generally used in the ICU to replace blood products for patients with severely low hemoglobin and increased protein levels. They are also effective in pre-hospital emergency care and in the operating theaters. If you need thsese products, please visit
The portable hyperbaric chamber is a plastic-tube sized container filled with pure oxygen gas, a container of dextrose solution, and a bag of water. It is called a portable hyperbaric chamber because it is capable of holding and providing oxygen therapy to critically ill patients under different atmospheric conditions. The chamber can be used in a variety of conditions like acute respiratory distress syndrome (ART-severe asthmatic attacks), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, and other breathing disorders. The mechanism of action is rapid positive air pressure (R PAP), which is a pressurized stream of air which can be administered in an accelerated manner within a half hour in case of a need to pump blood for a surgery. A hose connected to a compressor supplies compressed air to the hosing. The hosing usually includes a mask or a filter which is placed over the eye to prevent the entry of bacteria.
Hyperbaric chamber can be used in many situations, but it is commonly found in ICU. Patients who are subjected to high altitude can experience a number of conditions which make the environment of the chamber more suitable for supporting life. As compared to normal hospitals, the patient is confined to a small room and he or she remains awake during the time of the treatment. Unlike in normal hospitals, there is no restriction on the time of the treatment and the patient may get better care than the average patient. A portable hyperbaric chamber can help in speeding up the recovery process by lowering the pressure of the atmosphere inside the chamber and as a result the lungs are not put under additional stress.
A number of experimental purposes also find application in portable hyperbaric chambers. For example, the use of the chamber for brain experiments like brain imaging and the monitoring of brain functions during various states of consciousness has resulted in a lot of research. Other experimental purposes include using the chamber for teaching aids to novice doctors. As compared to the traditional medical methods, chamber can be used without any risk to the patients. Also, the chamber can be applied at home to treat asthma and allergies, as it does not involve any extra dose of drugs. These chambers come with special kits that make them easy to use.
Most of the portable hyperbaric chamber comes with a humidifier, which helps to maintain the right humidity level. This humidity is vital for sustaining the normal physical state of the persons being treated. It has been found that when the body temperature of persons is raised above 35 degrees Fahrenheit, they tend to get constipated. High body temperature is one of the main reasons for athletes to suffer from compartment syndrome. High temperature in the compartment can cause accumulation of water and other cellular wastes. This in turn can result in the increase in pressure, which can force the persons in the compartment to start sweating.
There are many other uses of portable hyperbaric chamber apart from clinical purposes. Since the hyperbaric chamber provides complete oxygen to the surface of the persons being treated, they do not feel the effects of cold and flu symptoms. This also prevents the development of frost bite and muscle fatigue. Athletes who train very hard can benefit a lot from these chambers, as they can work for extended hours under perfect conditions. Portable hyperbaric chambers come in various sizes and various technologies, but they all have the same target and that is to deliver pure oxygen into the body of the person.  To get a detailed overview of this topic, see here:
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